Phonics is proving itself to be the most effective way of teaching literacy across the English-speaking world!
This article from the New York Times entitled ‘A Foundation of Phonics and Knowledge Is Key to Literacy’ which discusses a recent study that demonstrated that classes using phonics had higher rates of success.
NY Times article


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A recent article in The Guardian newspaper reports on markedly improved results for students being taught to read using phonics. The Education Editor, Richard Adams, wrote:

The embrace of phonics to teach the youngest primary school pupils to read appears to be paying dividends after new figures showed a rise in the number of pupils passing the government’s benchmarks for literacy in the first and second years of formal schooling.

The results of the government’s controversial phonics check – designed to test how children read and pronounce simple words and sounds – saw a 5% increase in the number of five- and six-year-olds passing the check, with 74% of state school pupils in England reaching the expected standard in 2014.

In contrast, just 58% of pupils were able to correctly pronounce the expected number of words and sounds when the phonics check was first administered in state primary schools nationwide in 2012.

This article supports what the team at have always known. Phonics rules!