5 Tips to start your kids on the correct pronunciation of Words

Although some kids are capable of decoding words with regular reading practice, many of them can be taught to pronounce words properly by explicit instructions. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned 5 essential guidelines that will help your child to make flawless pronunciations.

  1. Explain how to decode words

It will be prudent to show your child how to sound out an unfamiliar word by splitting it up into smaller sections. He or she must be taught how to recognize the phonemes in that particular word. Interestingly, there are as many as 44 phonemes in English. Also, make it a point to teach your kid how to pronounce every new word together with its meaning so that he can identify the “irregular” words just by seeing them.

  1. Teach how to blend

It is imperative to learn blending so as to read fluently. Blending, in short, helps in the smooth combination of individual sounds within the word together.

  1. Write it down

Consider the following while teaching your child how to pronounce words:

  • pronounce slowly
  • hold the sound
  • locate the letter
  • write it down.


  1. Read loudly

Reading loudly will assist your kid to visualize how printed words are related to the pronounced words. It will help them to correlate the individual sounds with printed letters as well as letter combinations.

  1. Play games

Playing interesting spelling and word games such as Hang Man and Scrabble with the older kids will help them to pronounce the words slowly and clearly while stressing as well as emphasizing every single consonant and syllable. It will likewise encourage them to discover innovative words along with their pronunciation.

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